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Rapid Match

RapidMatch™ X-5 Spectrophotometer
Five angles of color working for you!

PPG is proud to be the only paint supplier to the Refinish Industry to provide state of the art measurement technology for commercial use. PPG’s new spectrophotometer platform will now be named RapidMatch™The RapidMatch™ X-5 unit will characterize a coated surface with five viewing angles with advanced optics that provide more stability over traditional LED technology.

And now, PPG has taken the next step in innovation and provides a new approach to electronic formula retrieval for our PaintManager™ software users. We have combined the strength of the only five angle measuring device in the refinish industry with a scientifically developed software interface that meets the demand for the automotive coatings segment.

The RapidMatch™ workflow will get you to the best starting formula – quickly. Searches are performed on an even larger database of Prime, Variants and now, Special field formulas which points the user to the most likely “blendable” match.

Returned formulas carry a Match Rating—the lower the Match Rating, the closer the formula will be to the measured vehicle color.Whatever the target, with RapidMatch™ you will receive the best match available within seconds.



Special Services we are proud to offer:

•  Business Management Tools
•  Collision Center Management and Technical Training
•  Modern Computer and Paint Matching Equipment
•  Daily Deliveries
•  2 PPG Certified Distributor Technical Reps - The only 2 in Nebraska
•  On-Site Demos for Products and Tools
•  Mobile Color Matching with Rapid Match
•  Custom Paint Matching & Tinting
•  Custom Aerosal Cans
•  Tool Repairs
•  Product Clinics
•  Qualified Inside and Outside Sales Staff
•  In-House Paint Specialist/Color Matching
•  Retail Auto Body Supplies for the Hobbyist
•  Monthly Newsletters, Technical Tips and Specials


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